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Lets talk bout Wizards.

In this blog post, we’re going to keep a light on how cool our Wizard friends are. Last post we looked at the lore behind the Wizards. The great expulsion and how they’ve ended up exiled and hunted to the ends of the earth by the Silent King’s hunters, the Order of the Blackened Hand. This week we’re going to talk a little about design, and tactics of everyone’s favourite glass cannons.

I love Wizards. Sure, you could be a Fighter. Big and burly and swinging a sword like it’s a popsicle stick. That’s cool, but bending the forces of reality? That’s awesome.

Wizards in Endless Dungeons are the weakest when it comes to hit points. While they hit as hard as a Paladin or Barbarian out of the gate, the fact that they can use almost none of the weapons or armour you’ll find in the dungeon will quickly find them falling being their more physically able meatshie- companions. Unlike the more robust characters, the Wizard starts the game with their full complement of powers and as used slowly decline in ability.

The Wizard will start each game with six randomly determined spells out of a total of twelve, spread across five possible spells: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Strength, Protect, and Teleport. As a spell is used the Wizard loses it, and cannot cast it again for the duration of the game.

Fireball and Lightning Bolt are direct damage spells, with Fireball dealing a swath of damage across multiple foes, and Lightning Bolt hitting one foe hard. Strength and Protect allow you to boost an ally’s stats for a battle, and Teleport allows the Wizard to pull the party across the dungeon, making them invaluable in a deadly encounter or at the end of the Dungeon when the party is trying to flee.

The design methodology behind the Wizard is a bit of risk/reward, and a bit of knowing exactly when to use those one-time expendable abilities. Do you keep the spells for a particularly difficult encounter? Or do you use them at the earliest opportunity? The Wizard has four hit points, which means even a small skirmish can cut a Wizard in half, and there is a very real possibility some bad rolls will see them dead very early in. Have the meatshi companions been taking hits so you could save those spells only to see the Wizard fall to some nasty rolls? Or has he been blasting away to keep them in peak condition?

The Wizard presents a real opportunity for the party to have some added firepower and support options, but at the cost of being very poor in actual hand-to-hand combat. It’s strongly recommended the Wizard takes the back slot in the party. Being hit only on a 6 is going to greatly extend the life line of this very frail member of the party.

The Wizard is very broad, and there is lots of opportunity to add more for the Wizard. More spells, specialist classes, and maybe even an apprentice could show up in new content for Endless Dungeons!

– Chris

P.S. Raistlin was definitely an influence for the Wizard class. Does that make the Fighter Caramon? 

Welcome the Wizard


We want to highlight some of the characters, lore and mechanics in Endless Dungeons.

We’re starting with one of our favorites: The Wizard.

Masters and dabblers of the flows and ebbs of the Winds of Change, Wizards were once held in the highest regard, from the lowest village hedge-mages to the Grand Masters of the Court of Whispers. Their ability to shape and control the Winds allowed them to carry great power in whatever role they filled, wherever they filled it; and were often seen as the power behind the Silent King. 

This all changed with the coming of the Dying, and as the Winds of Change blew colder and darker, the wizardly orders began to lose their grips on the mysterious force. When the Silent King banished the Court of Whispers, the first grand edict from the Blind Court was to purge the wizardly orders from the realm, decrying them and their foul ways as the cause of the Dying. 

Those who could fled from the court to Xarzothoth, the Great Tower in the Golgar Mountains. Those that remained were put to the sword and torch in a futile attempt to stem the Winds now corrupting the land. The Order of the Blackened Hand was raised by the Silent King to act as witch hunters and inquisitors who now travel the width and breadth of the land seeking out any who have even the most rudimentary grasp of the Winds of Change to silence them forever.

From the massive, impregnable tower of Xarzothoth, the eight Grand Masters still scheme and pull their puppet strings even with the warped Winds of Change. Their influence stretches out from the tower like a blot of ink on a white paper. Their minds twisted into hateful shadows of their former selves, waiting for a time to regain the power they once held. 

Most Wizards however are lone wanderers, knowing that to reveal their powers to the wrong people could mean a long and painful death. They often sell their services to mercenary parties and stay well hidden in populated areas. The Wizard will provide a fragile, yet invaluable member of the party.

Endless Dungeons!

Welcome to the blog for Endless Dungeon! You are about to dive into a realm where madness has gripped the land, and an endless winter is slowly descending. Those in power have begun to lose their minds as their power slips away, and the few who can fight are dying, and dying tired. 

Endless Dungeons has been a project of mine for a long time, slowly working little bits here and there and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and make a big push with it, because I’ve been loving what I’ve been creating. I’ve teamed up here with Oddyssey Studio to draw on Leah’s incredible talent to put art to my designs, and while we have a very simple playtest version available, eventually our goal is to release a full product, along with lots of expansions.

Endless Dungeons is designed to be a highly modular, solo, brutal, rules light, fast dungeon crawl experience. Get in, kill the monsters, get the loot, kill the boss, get out; or die trying. Once you have the rules down a full game can be completed in 20 minutes. With its highly modular nature, it’s extremely easy to add more content to your games – more heroes, monsters, rooms, spells, events, loot, and mechanics; allowing players to craft the dungeon crawl experience that they’re hunting for. Being rules light allows it to be very easy to pick up and play. No massive boxes, no huge rulebooks, no learning complex systems – everything is designed to be easy to grab right out of the box.

We need people to playtest the game, and help us figure out where all the gaps and holes are, and get excited for the future of this project that we’ve been working like mad on. You can get the game for free right now by clicking above on the Download the Playtest button, and there’ll be the files you need to print out a copy of the game, as well as instructions. 

This is a playtest, so things may change. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog here and in the Download the Playtest section to see when things update and what rules may be tweaked based on the feedback we get from you and your fellow playtesters, and files will be kept updated on the site. As of launch we are on V0.2, however, the premade playtest kits are V0.1, so, you may already need to take a look in the Download section to see what’s changed.

Thanks for checking things out. We have a LOT more coming. Art updates, lore, blogs, development behind the scenes, and more! If you have any questions, please ask 🙂

-Chris, Game Design