The world is dying….

Endless Dungeons is a solo table top adventure game where you control a party of three adventurers who by need, honour,
fate, or cruel decision have found themselves standing before The Endless Dungeon.

The black winds of change blow from the north, warping and twisting the land. Disease and violent death stalk the night. Children are born sickly and weak. Bandits and thugs terrorize the roads. A healthy apple is a prize worth killing over, more valued than gems.

The Silent King, listening to the maddened whispers of the Blind Court have exiled the mages of the realms to their mighty towers; convinced this would stem the flow of evil seeping through the land, but it has changed naught.

Brutal barbarians, invaders from the north, clash with the few remaining Orders of the Holy Paladins. Froth-lipped clerics and blood-soaked mercenaries roam the streets, peddling their wares, promising safety from death or safety after for a scrap of food, or a mountain of coin.

Through all this monsters have begun to scour the land. Climbing forth from nightmare pits at the whims of their overlords. Pillaging, maiming, and burning their way across the land. Leaving nothing in their wake but a blackened scar of devastation. But there are those who choose to stand tall and push back against the encroaching evils. Delving into their lairs and slaying their masters. Blessed by gods forgotten or abandoned, these heroes are the only hope for an exhausted realm. Will they be able to survive The Endless Dungeons?