Happy 2023 everyone! Seeing as it is still January I think we are still in the clear wishing for a happy new year! 

I know that I’ve spent the past month getting everything ready for 2023 since the world seemed to have started turning again. 

We have Comic/Game cons back on the table, travel is available again. 2023 is really looking like a nice fresh beginning for Oddyssey Studio.

The first thing I wanted to Announce was out CON LIST! With Cons accepting more people post Pandemic, we’ve made the executive decision to attend as many as humanly possible and the first is so soon!

Here is the current tentative list for the upcoming Cons/Events Oddyssey Studio will be attending.

Tri-Con Feb 18th-20th

Get tickets here.

Niagara Comic-Con June 9th-11th

get tickets here

If you happen to be there make sure to drop by and say hello!

That being said, we will keep you posted with any additions or updates!

Thank you for being here 


Oddyssey Studio