We want to highlight some of the characters, lore and mechanics in Endless Dungeons.

We’re starting with one of our favorites: The Wizard.

Masters and dabblers of the flows and ebbs of the Winds of Change, Wizards were once held in the highest regard, from the lowest village hedge-mages to the Grand Masters of the Court of Whispers. Their ability to shape and control the Winds allowed them to carry great power in whatever role they filled, wherever they filled it; and were often seen as the power behind the Silent King. 

This all changed with the coming of the Dying, and as the Winds of Change blew colder and darker, the wizardly orders began to lose their grips on the mysterious force. When the Silent King banished the Court of Whispers, the first grand edict from the Blind Court was to purge the wizardly orders from the realm, decrying them and their foul ways as the cause of the Dying. 

Those who could fled from the court to Xarzothoth, the Great Tower in the Golgar Mountains. Those that remained were put to the sword and torch in a futile attempt to stem the Winds now corrupting the land. The Order of the Blackened Hand was raised by the Silent King to act as witch hunters and inquisitors who now travel the width and breadth of the land seeking out any who have even the most rudimentary grasp of the Winds of Change to silence them forever.

From the massive, impregnable tower of Xarzothoth, the eight Grand Masters still scheme and pull their puppet strings even with the warped Winds of Change. Their influence stretches out from the tower like a blot of ink on a white paper. Their minds twisted into hateful shadows of their former selves, waiting for a time to regain the power they once held. 

Most Wizards however are lone wanderers, knowing that to reveal their powers to the wrong people could mean a long and painful death. They often sell their services to mercenary parties and stay well hidden in populated areas. The Wizard will provide a fragile, yet invaluable member of the party.